Crossroads Rotary
Club of Kitsap

Allie Lowe

After moving to Poulsbo, Allie Lowe joined Crossroads Rotary because she wanted to be in service with her new community and work with like-minded people.  She has been actively involved in Membership, Public Image and Fundraising efforts as well as honed her organizational, writing and networking skills during her experiences with the group.
As a busy National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach and Author, Allie knows how much helping others contributes to her well-being! According to Harvard Health, studies have shown that volunteering helps people who donate their time feel more socially connected and contributes to their overall mental, emotional, and physical health.
In her free time, Allie enjoys teaching Yoga and meditation, taking long forest walks with her fur babies, spending time with friends, and exploring the beautiful PNW with her favorite guy.
One of Allie’s favorite quotes is, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Robert Morgan

We are proud to introduce Robert Morgan as the President-Elect of Crossroads Rotary. Robert’s unwavering commitment to community service, leadership skills, and professional expertise make him exceptionally suited to lead our club into the future.

Robert has been an active member of the Rotary community for several years, contributing significantly to various service projects and initiatives. His dedication to our mission has been evident through his innovative ideas, collaborative spirit, and hands-on approach to problem-solving.

In his professional career, Robert has demonstrated leadership and excellence in his field. With a background that spans several industries, he brings a diverse skill set and a broad perspective to the table. His experience in management and strategic planning will be invaluable as he guides our club in its community and international service efforts.

As President-Elect, Robert is committed to upholding and advancing the core values of Rotary. He is passionate about initiating and supporting projects that make a lasting difference in the community and beyond. His vision includes strengthening member engagement, fostering partnerships, and increasing our impact through service.

Robert’s leadership style is characterized by his inclusivity, integrity, and forward-thinking mindset. He believes in empowering every member of the club to contribute their unique talents and ideas. Under his guidance, we anticipate a period of robust growth, vibrant community service, and enhanced camaraderie among members.

We are excited for the leadership and direction Robert will provide as President-Elect of Crossroads Rotary. His dedication, expertise, and vision are sure to usher in an era of great achievements and meaningful service. Please join us in welcoming and supporting Robert Morgan as he prepares to lead our club.

Amy Zinkhon

We are delighted to welcome Amy Zinkhon as the new Secretary of Crossroads Rotary. Amy’s dedication to community service and her organized, meticulous approach to her responsibilities make her an invaluable addition to our leadership team.

Since joining Crossroads Rotary, Amy has been an active participant in our community initiatives, demonstrating a deep commitment to our mission and values. Her involvement has not only been impactful but also an inspiration to fellow members.

In her professional life, Amy has honed a range of skills that are critical to her role as Secretary. Her attention to detail, excellent communication skills, and proficiency in record-keeping and organization will greatly benefit our club. As Secretary, Amy will be responsible for maintaining accurate records of meetings, correspondence, and club activities. Her role is crucial in ensuring the smooth operation of the club and the preservation of our history and accomplishments.

Amy’s approach to her work is guided by the Rotary’s Four-Way Test, ensuring that all actions and decisions are made with truth, fairness, and consideration for all. Her commitment to these principles is evident in her work and interactions with club members.

With Amy Zinkhon as our Secretary, we are confident that Crossroads Rotary’s administrative affairs are in excellent hands. Her dedication and expertise will undoubtedly contribute to our club’s efficiency and ongoing success. Please join us in welcoming Amy as our new Secretary.

Kelly Simkins

Kelly Simkins is the diligent Treasurer for the Crossroads Rotary Group of Poulsbo. Instrumental in anchoring the group’s administrative structure, Kelly guarantees smooth communication, ensures precise documentation of meetings, and keeps members abreast of forthcoming events and initiatives.

Armed with a degree in Psychology, Kelly couples her professional expertise with an unwavering commitment to community service. Before embracing her role in Rotary, she gained invaluable experience in the schools of North Kitsap in Poulsbo and Building Transparency, a non-profit focused on reducing the carbon footprint of building materials. Kelly continues to refine her organizational and communication capabilities.

Within her secretary role, Kelly takes the helm in recording pivotal discussions during group assemblies, circulating essential updates among members, and preserving an accurate archive of the group’s diverse undertakings. She’s not just an administrative figure; Kelly often immerses herself in the group’s volunteer activities, firmly believing in Rotary’s ethos of hands-on community impact. Beyond her Rotary engagements, Kelly relishes hiking across scenic trails, curating a vintage postcard collection, and mastering the art of gourmet baking.

Through her meticulous approach and deep-rooted belief in Rotary’s ideals, Kelly Simkins ensures that the Crossroads Rotary of Poulsbo remains a beacon of organization and positive change in the community.

Peter Simkins

Peter Simkins serves as the Youth Protection Officer for the Crossroads Rotary of Poulsbo. With a deep commitment to the safety and well-being of young people, Peter plays a pivotal role in ensuring that all Rotary youth programs are conducted within the guidelines of the organization’s robust child protection policies.

Holding a degree in Computer Science, Peter brings a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience to the role. Learning and gaining experience will provide the background to equip him with the insights and skills necessary to ensure a safe environment for all participants.

Peter is responsible for conducting regular training sessions for Rotary members and volunteers aimed at raising awareness about potential risks, recognizing signs of abuse, and implementing appropriate preventive measures. He also collaborates closely with program coordinators, parents, and community partners to ensure a comprehensive approach to youth safety.

When he isn’t championing the rights and safety of young people, Peter enjoys hiking with his dog Ollie, learning new technology, and volunteering with Crossroads Rotary.

Through his dedication and vigilance, Peter ensures that the Crossroads Rotary of Poulsbo remains a safe and enriching space for all its young members and participants.

Chris Krummel

We are introducing Chris Krummel, the dedicated Sergeant at Arms for Crossroads Rotary. Chris’s commitment to service, coupled with his strong leadership and organizational skills, make him an indispensable member of our Rotary Club’s leadership team.

Chris has been a dynamic member of Crossroads Rotary, actively participating in and contributing to our community service projects and club activities. His enthusiasm for community involvement and his proactive approach have significantly enhanced the club’s operations and initiatives.

In his role as Sergeant at Arms, Chris is responsible for maintaining order and decorum during club meetings and events. His duties include ensuring that the meeting environment is conducive to productivity and respect, managing meeting logistics, and assisting with ceremonial functions. Chris takes his role seriously, approaching each task with diligence and a keen eye for detail.

With a background that demonstrates leadership and organizational prowess, Chris brings valuable experience to the position of Sergeant at Arms. His ability to handle logistics, coordinate activities, and lead by example is evident in the smooth operation of club meetings and the overall positive atmosphere he helps maintain.

Chris’s commitment extends beyond the logistical aspects of his role. He is deeply committed to the values and objectives of Rotary, consistently working to promote fellowship, integrity, and service above self. His approachable demeanor and collaborative spirit encourage active participation and foster a sense of community among members.

As Sergeant at Arms, Chris is not only a guardian of procedure but also an ambassador of goodwill. His dedication to the club and its members plays a critical role in enhancing the Rotary experience for all involved.

We are fortunate to have Chris Krummel as our Sergeant at Arms. His leadership, commitment, and enthusiasm are invaluable assets to Crossroads Rotary. Please join us in appreciating and supporting Chris as he continues to serve our club and community.

Darwin Husa

Meet Darwin Husa, the esteemed President of Crossroads Rotary, who also remarkably serves as the Foundation Chair. With an impressive 24 years of dedicated service to Rotary, Darwin exemplifies leadership and commitment that few can parallel. His ability to juggle the extensive responsibilities of both President and Foundation Chair is a testament to his exceptional organizational skills and deep devotion to the club’s mission.

Darwin’s heart lies in the community service aspect of Rotary, which is evident through his passion for projects that enhance public spaces, like building parks and ballfields. His alignment with our club’s focus on community impact makes him an invaluable leader, steering us toward meaningful contributions and initiatives. His vision and drive have significantly shaped the club’s direction and effectiveness in serving the community.

Beyond his Rotary commitments, Darwin is a retired software product manager who applies his analytical skills and innovative thinking to drive success. In his time, he has a zest for life that takes him on travels, movie explorations, and various adventures, always with a Rotary meeting or event not far from his schedule. Darwin’s diverse interests and dedication to personal growth complement his role in Rotary, bringing fresh perspectives and ideas.

A fun fact about Darwin is his musical claim to fame: he proudly marched in the 1969 Inaugural Parade in Washington, DC, with his high school band, an experience that reflects his lifelong commitment to participation and excellence.

As President and Foundation Chair of Crossroads Rotary, Darwin Husa continues to lead with wisdom, enthusiasm, and an unwavering commitment to service. His leadership guides our club and inspires members to strive for more significant community impact and personal development.

Please join us in celebrating Darwin’s contributions and supporting his continued leadership as he guides Crossroads Rotary to make a difference in the community and beyond.

Who is Geoff Schmidt

Founder & Past President

We are introducing Geoff Schmidt, the dynamic Community Services Chair of Crossroads Rotary, who has made a profound impact through his role. As our most recent past president and co-founder of the club, Geoff’s dedication and vision have been instrumental in shaping our community initiatives. Alongside his wife, Sloane, he has been a pillar in the establishment and growth of our club, bringing people together for a more significant cause.

Geoff’s journey with Rotary began six years ago with the Poulsbo club. Still, his commitment to community service extends back to his childhood in Bainbridge, where he first volunteered. His most cherished experiences are centered around working with the exchange student program, a testament to his passion for fostering global understanding and building long-lasting relationships.

Under Geoff’s guidance, our club has become known for its diverse membership and collective drive to impact the community significantly. He believes that the unique blend of individuals in Crossroads Rotary makes our club exceptional and powerful in its service endeavors.

Away from his duties in Rotary and his professional life in corporate finance, Geoff is an avid enthusiast of the great outdoors and the arts. Whether sailing, golfing, hiking, acting, or spending quality time with his beloved dog, Max, Geoff embraces life with vigor and joy. He humorously claims his hidden talent is invincibility, a nod to his resilient spirit and tireless energy.

As the Community Services Chair, Geoff Schmidt continues to lead and inspire, driving forward initiatives that resonate with the needs of our community. His leadership and a deep-rooted passion for service ensure that Crossroads Rotary remains a force for positive change. Join us in applauding Geoff for his ongoing dedication and supporting his visionary work as we strive to make a lasting difference.