Crossroads Rotary
Club of Kitsap

Kelly Simkins

Kelly Simkins is the diligent Treasurer for the Crossroads Rotary Group of Poulsbo. Instrumental in anchoring the group’s administrative structure, Kelly guarantees smooth communication, ensures precise documentation of meetings, and keeps members abreast of forthcoming events and initiatives.

Armed with a degree in Psychology, Kelly couples her professional expertise with an unwavering commitment to community service. Before embracing her role in Rotary, she gained invaluable experience in the schools of North Kitsap in Poulsbo and Building Transparency, a non-profit focused on reducing the carbon footprint of building materials. Kelly continues to refine her organizational and communication capabilities.

Within her secretary role, Kelly takes the helm in recording pivotal discussions during group assemblies, circulating essential updates among members, and preserving an accurate archive of the group’s diverse undertakings. She’s not just an administrative figure; Kelly often immerses herself in the group’s volunteer activities, firmly believing in Rotary’s ethos of hands-on community impact. Beyond her Rotary engagements, Kelly relishes hiking across scenic trails, curating a vintage postcard collection, and mastering the art of gourmet baking.

Through her meticulous approach and deep-rooted belief in Rotary’s ideals, Kelly Simkins ensures that the Crossroads Rotary of Poulsbo remains a beacon of organization and positive change in the community.