Crossroads Rotary
Club of Kitsap

Art Heist 2021

Our first ever Kitsap Art Heist was a huge success. We raised more than $5000 that went to support local arts efforts, children’s programs and more. 60% of the funds received went to the Community Services Committee to be distributed among local needs, 20% went to international programs, and the final 20% was devoted to starting the Crossroads Rotary Scholarship Fund.

The Art Heist of Kitsap is an innovative event, bringing together the works of (mostly) local artists giving them a new avenue for publicity, raising money for youth, arts-focused and other projects in the community and giving YOU the GUARANTEE of taking home an original piece of art!

How it works…

Purchase of a ticket guarantees a piece of art, tickets are limited by the number of art pieces available. Guests are welcome to attend at no cost.

  • After all attendees arrive and find their seats, the event will commence. Be sure to take note of the different pieces of art you’re interested in.
  • Names of ticket holders will be drawn at random.
  • When your name is called, call out the number of the art piece you want to claim.
  • If that piece hasn’t already been claimed, it’s yours!
    If your first-choice piece has already been claimed, call out your second or third choice.

There will be breaks during the event to share the plans that Crossroads Rotary has for the funds raised from the event.