Crossroads Rotary
Club of Kitsap

Parks & Trails

At the heart of Crossroads Rotary’s local community service efforts are the local parks and trails of Poulsbo and the North Kitsap Peninsula. Since our club’s inception, we’ve shown up at numerous parks to provide thousands of volunteer hours in work parties to help maintain the parks in our area. 

Our first park project was in the Poulsbo Fish Park. The park’s trails needed clearing of invasive plants as well as the installation of new sod, and we also planted a number of new plants at the Bond Road parking area. We continued our efforts at Fish Park by laying down and maintaining non-slip surface material on the boardwalks throughout the park. We have also provided work parties for Poulsbo’s Frank Raab Park, where we removed invasive plants in the dog park, cleaned and maintained the athletic courts, and began initial work on a new trail.

During the holiday season, we light and manage the bonfire during the annual Lighted Boat Parade at Muriel Iverson Williams Waterfront Park in Historic Downtown Poulsbo, where we hand out hot cocoa and cookies. We can also be found assisting with setting up festive lighting around the city of Poulsbo.

During 2022, Crossroads became more involved in helping out with trail maintenance at Port Gamble Heritage Park. Along with Silverdale Rotary, we have installed benches, cleared and maintained trails, and assisted the Kitsap County Parks Department with new signage for the extensive trails system to help hikers, bikers, and horseback riders find their way around nearly 3,500 acres.