Crossroads Rotary
Club of Kitsap

Darwin Husa

Meet Darwin Husa, the esteemed President of Crossroads Rotary, who also remarkably serves as the Foundation Chair. With an impressive 24 years of dedicated service to Rotary, Darwin exemplifies leadership and commitment that few can parallel. His ability to juggle the extensive responsibilities of both President and Foundation Chair is a testament to his exceptional organizational skills and deep devotion to the club’s mission.

Darwin’s heart lies in the community service aspect of Rotary, which is evident through his passion for projects that enhance public spaces, like building parks and ballfields. His alignment with our club’s focus on community impact makes him an invaluable leader, steering us toward meaningful contributions and initiatives. His vision and drive have significantly shaped the club’s direction and effectiveness in serving the community.

Beyond his Rotary commitments, Darwin is a retired software product manager who applies his analytical skills and innovative thinking to drive success. In his time, he has a zest for life that takes him on travels, movie explorations, and various adventures, always with a Rotary meeting or event not far from his schedule. Darwin’s diverse interests and dedication to personal growth complement his role in Rotary, bringing fresh perspectives and ideas.

A fun fact about Darwin is his musical claim to fame: he proudly marched in the 1969 Inaugural Parade in Washington, DC, with his high school band, an experience that reflects his lifelong commitment to participation and excellence.

As President and Foundation Chair of Crossroads Rotary, Darwin Husa continues to lead with wisdom, enthusiasm, and an unwavering commitment to service. His leadership guides our club and inspires members to strive for more significant community impact and personal development.

Please join us in celebrating Darwin’s contributions and supporting his continued leadership as he guides Crossroads Rotary to make a difference in the community and beyond.