Crossroads Rotary
Club of Kitsap

Who is Geoff Schmidt

Founder & Past President

We are introducing Geoff Schmidt, the dynamic Community Services Chair of Crossroads Rotary, who has made a profound impact through his role. As our most recent past president and co-founder of the club, Geoff’s dedication and vision have been instrumental in shaping our community initiatives. Alongside his wife, Sloane, he has been a pillar in the establishment and growth of our club, bringing people together for a more significant cause.

Geoff’s journey with Rotary began six years ago with the Poulsbo club. Still, his commitment to community service extends back to his childhood in Bainbridge, where he first volunteered. His most cherished experiences are centered around working with the exchange student program, a testament to his passion for fostering global understanding and building long-lasting relationships.

Under Geoff’s guidance, our club has become known for its diverse membership and collective drive to impact the community significantly. He believes that the unique blend of individuals in Crossroads Rotary makes our club exceptional and powerful in its service endeavors.

Away from his duties in Rotary and his professional life in corporate finance, Geoff is an avid enthusiast of the great outdoors and the arts. Whether sailing, golfing, hiking, acting, or spending quality time with his beloved dog, Max, Geoff embraces life with vigor and joy. He humorously claims his hidden talent is invincibility, a nod to his resilient spirit and tireless energy.

As the Community Services Chair, Geoff Schmidt continues to lead and inspire, driving forward initiatives that resonate with the needs of our community. His leadership and a deep-rooted passion for service ensure that Crossroads Rotary remains a force for positive change. Join us in applauding Geoff for his ongoing dedication and supporting his visionary work as we strive to make a lasting difference.