Crossroads Rotary
Club of Kitsap

Chris Krummel

We are introducing Chris Krummel, the dedicated Sergeant at Arms for Crossroads Rotary. Chris’s commitment to service, coupled with his strong leadership and organizational skills, make him an indispensable member of our Rotary Club’s leadership team.

Chris has been a dynamic member of Crossroads Rotary, actively participating in and contributing to our community service projects and club activities. His enthusiasm for community involvement and his proactive approach have significantly enhanced the club’s operations and initiatives.

In his role as Sergeant at Arms, Chris is responsible for maintaining order and decorum during club meetings and events. His duties include ensuring that the meeting environment is conducive to productivity and respect, managing meeting logistics, and assisting with ceremonial functions. Chris takes his role seriously, approaching each task with diligence and a keen eye for detail.

With a background that demonstrates leadership and organizational prowess, Chris brings valuable experience to the position of Sergeant at Arms. His ability to handle logistics, coordinate activities, and lead by example is evident in the smooth operation of club meetings and the overall positive atmosphere he helps maintain.

Chris’s commitment extends beyond the logistical aspects of his role. He is deeply committed to the values and objectives of Rotary, consistently working to promote fellowship, integrity, and service above self. His approachable demeanor and collaborative spirit encourage active participation and foster a sense of community among members.

As Sergeant at Arms, Chris is not only a guardian of procedure but also an ambassador of goodwill. His dedication to the club and its members plays a critical role in enhancing the Rotary experience for all involved.

We are fortunate to have Chris Krummel as our Sergeant at Arms. His leadership, commitment, and enthusiasm are invaluable assets to Crossroads Rotary. Please join us in appreciating and supporting Chris as he continues to serve our club and community.