Crossroads Rotary
Club of Kitsap

Amy Zinkhon

We are delighted to welcome Amy Zinkhon as the new Secretary of Crossroads Rotary. Amy’s dedication to community service and her organized, meticulous approach to her responsibilities make her an invaluable addition to our leadership team.

Since joining Crossroads Rotary, Amy has been an active participant in our community initiatives, demonstrating a deep commitment to our mission and values. Her involvement has not only been impactful but also an inspiration to fellow members.

In her professional life, Amy has honed a range of skills that are critical to her role as Secretary. Her attention to detail, excellent communication skills, and proficiency in record-keeping and organization will greatly benefit our club. As Secretary, Amy will be responsible for maintaining accurate records of meetings, correspondence, and club activities. Her role is crucial in ensuring the smooth operation of the club and the preservation of our history and accomplishments.

Amy’s approach to her work is guided by the Rotary’s Four-Way Test, ensuring that all actions and decisions are made with truth, fairness, and consideration for all. Her commitment to these principles is evident in her work and interactions with club members.

With Amy Zinkhon as our Secretary, we are confident that Crossroads Rotary’s administrative affairs are in excellent hands. Her dedication and expertise will undoubtedly contribute to our club’s efficiency and ongoing success. Please join us in welcoming Amy as our new Secretary.